Finally its heating up, the weather that is!
Spring is here, to me it's not here till there's sun shining and I can wear just a t-shirt :)
Right now I'm thinking Bunnies, Daffodils, mountains of chocolate and constant sneezing! 
Yes I'm a summer lover and hate being cold but I suffer with hey fever, which normally gives me bad earache like now :(
But enough doom and gloom, its hot the suns saying hi and I have two weeks off work in afew days wooooooohooooo. The next F1 race would be the only thing that could make it better. As I cycle to work I'm finally getting through all my nice new clothes I got for my birthday. My sisters doing a Easter egg hunt for my nieces so there's a perfect excuse to wear my lovely new dress. I hate wearing loads and loads of layers so I couldn't be more happier :)
In my two week Easter break I'm planning on lots of painting..............outdoors, days out with the nieces..........outdoors and maybe a bit of shopping...........outdoors lol do you see a pattern forming here? :P After being couped up in a school kitchen I think I'm gonna take any chance I have to enjoy the sun! Also I have some nice fruit and veggies to plant, so perfect reason. You what it piss down for two whole weeks no no don't start going all negative Donna, think positive remember? new more happier, positive you, ring any bells? oh ok :) lol 
So how are you guys? I'm good, it was my dads birthday last saturday, so we had a small party for him. He's getting old now lol 64! not long til he retires....well he hopes he retires, its not gonna happen just yet! 
We had a lovely day playing games in the garden with the nieces. They found 4 chopsticks and decided we should all be Harry Potter (yes I have very Geeky nieces lol) I had to pretend to be a whole host of different animals, I was a Donkey giving rides, a frog hoping around, a dragon chasing them and strangley a smurf? no that stumped me lol
We rounded off the day with afew games of Limbo and the girls recreating one of my sisters and mine old photos.  There will be a few photos from the day under my photo tab, including a photo of angel that i want to paint.
Anyways I shall go now while this blog is surprisingly happy for me! i've shocked myself haha.
Catch ya all laters.
Donna xx
P.s heres the photos of my nieces and the photo they recreated :)
5 Things I'm loving this week
1, Alonso winning the Malaysian Gp- Who expected that! wish I'd put a bet on.
2. The sun shinning- feeling hot hot hot :)
3. Digging out my summer clothes- Goodbye hoddies!
4. Easter- chocolate- need  I saw more.
5. Jason Mraz- I'm yours- fits perfectly with this weather, aww.
5 Things I'm hating this week
1. Heyfever- put on make up, cycle to work- oh look mascaras down my cheek- great!
2. Bratty children- why did I choose to work in a school.
3. Earache keeping me awake- hate it! lol
4. Waiting 3 weeks for the next F1 race- I want it now!
5. Belibers taking over twitter- I dont want a countdown to hes new song!
Tonight I started to help my sister Lee with a bit of online fundraising for the cancer research Race for Life 5k run shes doing this year. Its her first time running it and its something shes been wanting to do for a while. 
As I was spreading the link to her sponsor page, I got thinking about why the charity is so important and felt inspired to write a little blog to explain why it means alot to us!
Cancers a word that feels people with dread but at the same time you can never truly imagine how much it effects you to its on your doorstep.
I have lost two family members through cancer and my dad is a cancer survivor so I feel like its a charity very close to my family's hearts. 
My grandad was the first to get diagnosed with the big C. He was a lively healthy man never had much wrong, then he found he was bleeding when he went to the toilet and after tests we heard he did indeed have bowel cancer. The doctors said there was two choices, operate and remove the cancerous lump or just leave it as it wouldn't shorten hes life much or give him to much pain. The down side being that the op might trigger a heart attack at hes age, so the decision was we let it run its course.  It was all fine didnt seem to be effecting him at all, then about 5 months later dad said he needed a doctors appointment. He had found a lump down there! We made the usual jokes like "no thats just your nut dad" "hope they have a magnifying glass lol" and roughly a week later he ws in having a scan to see what it was. We thought the worst but was trying to stay postitive still joking with him etc and then London hospitital sent a letter saying we need you to come and see us mr Quick. He had testicular cancer. We were shocked but tried not to think of what might happen.
At this time I had never had any family members have anything more serious then a knee replacement! And suddenly cancer was right there, not just in the family but now in my immediate family, in my house! I coped the way I always do, pretended it werent happening and that everything was fine. 
Dad got lucky, I think the time inbetween being diagnosed and having the testical removed was about two or three weeks. Hes now cancer free and didnt need any treatment or chemo, just regualar scans and hospital appointments. Sadly my Grandad wasnt so lucky, he passed away about a year or two later. 
We were just moving on and getting on with life when we had our first family holiday in about 11 years. August 2011. My uncle Pete got ill a couple of months before we went away. Halfway through we got a phone call from my auntie June to say he had the results back and he had lung cancer. Just as we had feared. When we got back he was positive he was  gonna be like dad and beat it. All was going well, he had a op to remove one lung and the cancerous lump, he seemed like he was on the mend. When some thugs decided to break into there house, threaten my aunt and hit Pete with a baseball bat. Pete did fight back and scared them off but they were to afraid to stay there, so they moved in with my cousin, just as Pete started chemo. The chemo wore him out and he was having breathing problems, and he just collapsed just before Christmas. Another great man taken away by cancer. 
I think although three members of my family have suffered with various forms of cancer, we got off lightly, I've seen and read story's about how cancer literary destroys a person. I didn't have to watch my love ones go through years of pain and suffering - Grandad had very little pain and very small stay in hospital,  both Pete and dad were operated on pretty quick and dads recovery was super quick and painless. But I'm very aware that others aren't this lucky, even though lucky doesn't  feel like the right word.  I've known people who had to watch that suffering, its hard to hear, knowing how close we were to the same! I am glad to say I  know some survivors too! two work colleagues have both gotten the all clear from breast cancer! Yay! 

Cancer even when its gone leaves you worrying, every time mum or dad gets ill or I find a strange lump (that turns out to be a spot)  you cant help but think what if or not again! Right now my dads complaining of chest pains and bad heartburn but isn't getting it checked out just yet. You cant help but wonder if its coz hes scared of what it might be? i don't know he doesn't like to talk about it, but i know I'm worried! my mind always wonders to the negative side anyway, so that kinda thing just makes it ten times worse!

Its such a cruel horrible disease and we really do need to try and do all we can to raise money for cancer research! so if you would like to sponsor my sister please click on the link below and dont forget to gift aid it. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog, hope i havent bored or depressed you too much and please give as much or as little as you can spare, every little helps :)Take care guys Hopefully my next blog will be a happier one!Love Donna xx 

It feels like so much has happened since i last blogged! So let me just take you through my February .............
Firstly I want to say sorry for not updating my blog sooner but Im sooooooooo close to finally finishing my wedding portrait art commission, so I've been busy painting (you can see a updated pic in my photos)
How was Valentines day for you guys?? I celebrated it as i do every year..... single lol. But I did get a prezzie this time, it counts if its from your sister right?? a nice box of choccies that I ate while watching a girly film :) Dont worry I never went all Bridget Jones, singing "all by myself" It was a bit of a backhanded thoughtful present, as she did give them to mum, saying, "i didnt get Lee anything coz james will buy her and Donna wont get anything" lol. She meant well but basically was saying theres no-one out there that loves you haha! Sisterly love ah! you can always rely on your family to build you up and knock you down at the same time! shes lucky I know she didn't mean it like that.

My oldest niece turned 6 on the 22th of Feb, i got creative making her a Harry potter inspired birthday cake (which you can see in my photos) we had a lovely argument free party- which if you know me, you will know that's rare when we mix with the (almost) in-laws. Ruby turning 6 does make you think where the hell did the time go! I still remember the first time we met her aged 8 months (Ruby and Rosie are step nieces but I love them just the same) now shes a big girl, who can read and write and goes to my school!!! its scarey. Time is just flying at such a rapid pace lately. Does that hint that i'm doing to much or not enough. I'm thinking more along the not enough route. Kinda feels like ive been in the slow lane while everyones busy getting on with there much more exciting lives in the fast lane. 
As I've been cycling to work Nickelback has popped up on my MP3 alot, espically "If today was your last day" and Im really thinking its a sign lol. A sign thats saying "Donna go jump into that fast moving traffic, stop playing around now, less talk more action!" So I've thought "ok Chad this year I will try, just for you. I will remember that I'm the only one that can make my dreams a reality and go follow them" Thats exactly what I plan to do now :) I know, I know, I've said it all before but I'm serious and you guys are my witness's, if it looks like im slacking feel free to give me a kick up the arse haha. make it gentle though- I bruise like a peach :P 

I also turned 29 this month, so this time next year, when I write this blog I might just be beginning my breakdown haha. Nah I'm just kidding I'm trying to be a much more positive cheerful person, I tried starting on the lead up to my birthday, by shopping with my mum. Saying right I really want to look abit more my age and try something new. So mum brought me loads of lovely new clothes, that actually has colour and pattern hehe (not just my usual grey rock t-shirts and black skinny jeans) and my little sister did the same for me. I actually think they work, I do look less like a teenager! 
It was all going good, staying positive, start of a new me and all that. When the 27th of Feb comes along and spoils it haha. I wake up monday morning alil late, get dressed, grabbed my bag and cup from last night. Then go rushing down the stairs. Well I got to the first step and slipped down the whole first flight of stairs!!!!!! I landed on my back with a bag under me and last nights drink all over my nice clean jeans and all up the wall. Mum came to see what the bang was a found me laying there and found it highly amusing to call me Donna "the eagle" Edwards and say was I trying to enter the stair skiing Olympics lol. Only I could give myself the birthday bumps! then I went up the hall to get my shoes out ready to put on and pulled the handle of the drawer. Nearly fell over my bike before I had even gotten out of the gate, and managed to cut myself on the clingfilm box at work. so all in all it was a really great birthday :P I did cheer up when I saw all the lovely birthday messages though :)
I did get thinking is that an omen for how the rest of my years gonna turn out?? what do you guys think? am I doomed to have a accident prone year? should I hibernate now? I guess only time will tell, watch this space lol. 
I hope it just means if you celebrate your birthday battered and bruised, then you have a great rest of the year! See that's me being positive even though I haven't seen any evidence of it yet :P

My youngest sister also moved out on the 29th, some would say that was a late birthday prezzie (Love ya really Lee Lee if your reading this :P ) but I think we wont really notice much difference. Shes 23 nearly and I think shes spent most of this year with James at his room that he was renting anyway. It will be abit strange coz she did have the odd night in with us and it'll be much less fun being a freak by myself lol. I just she'll be ok in her new place with James and that he takes good care of her. If not he'll have the Quicks to deal with! Also I hope he realizes what he's let himself in for hehe :P he does seem nice enough and not quite as under the thumb as Lee's previous boyfriends. I wonder how long it'll be before I get a baby Afro niece or nephew?? ????
My other sister Emma (the mum of my 4 beautiful nieces) moved out about 5 and a half years ago so I 'm now the last one left :( the oldest and the only one still left on the shelf, living with my mum and dad :( but on the plus side..........the rents a damn site cheaper hehe :) .............see positive!!!!! 

Anyway I've had a stressful week and my beds calling me so I'll head off to sleep dreaming of a new start and how happy I am that its finally march. 
Why am I glad its march? F1 BABY whoop whoop. 2 more weeks to go :) the countdown starts here! 
Hope you guys are all doing good, please feel free to message me and tell me about your Feb and what you've been upto and what your looking forward to :)

Hope I hear from you,
Don xxxxx
Ok negative creeping in again, my internet crashed and I just had to rewrite this whole blog :( lol could only be me lol
5 Things I'm loving this week.
1. The fact its getting warmer. 
2.  Randomly having the muppets theme stuck in my head- "It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights....." brings back memories of my childhood.
3. Birthdays with the family- always a laugh with my lot.
4. My new ice cream maker- Ice cream here I come.
5. Gotye-Somebody that I used to knowslighty in love with it :)
The birthday girl Ruby :)
5 Things I'm hating this week.
1. Internet crashing.
2. England losing- we lost rugby and football, its olympic year!!! hello!
3. Waiting 6 weeks for the next Glee episode- I wanna know what happens now.
4. Accident prone birthdays.
5. hardest ever- who would put, j.lo and mick jagger all on the same track?!