My lovely Twitter buddy and fellow blogger, Jamie Tucker Dougan, does alot of blog challenges and has tagged me in he's most recent one. So I thought why not share it with you guys.

This challenge was to think of your 5 favourite driving songs!

Now although I don't drive, never even had so much as a lesson, I have literally just got home from holiday. A lovely week here in the beautiful UK lol. As it was a two hour drive I did make a special driving CD. Filled with songs that had to suit mum, dad, my sister, as well as songs I loved. So this challenge came at the right time!
I've chose my 5 from songs that were actually on my cd lol.

1. Meatloaf~ Bat outta hell
Every drive needs a family sing along song! 
What better then Meatloaf, you can't not sing along to bat out of hell, it's THE driving song of all time! 

2. The Killers  ~ Mr brightside 
Well come on what did you expect, this is me lol.
Can't say the parents enjoyed this as much as me and Lee did. I have heard dad utter the words "What is this shit?" while I was painting to this song, but hey I love it. It's one of those songs that you recognize from the first bar and instantly puts me in a good mood and gets me dancing around. What's better then that?

3. Queen ~ Bohemian Rhapsody
I stole Tuckers song here but we were about 30 mins away from yarmouth and this came on and we had a so much fun!! we sang along and had a fab head bang to the instrumental bit LOL. That's how the Quick's roll haha.
Although we don't really need to be driving to join in, we pretty much do it where ever we hear it :P 

4. Nena ~ 99 red balloons 
This might seem like a strange pick. But I love this song! How can this song not make you smile? 
I wasn't 100% sure what the official video was, so instead heres scrubs lol If its good enough to be JD's happy song, then its good enough for me :P That may even be how I dance to it lol 

5. Black eyed peas ~ Pump it.
So lastly I struggled to think of which one it should be. We had 5 cd's worth of songs to remember so I really had to rack my brains here (this was meant to have a easier way of doing the challenge lol) 
This song had every one dancing and singing along, well apart from dad, but he was driving and wouldn't even sing a word of Queen lol.  
So what did you think of my top 5? How about you comment with yours below?

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And while your at it why not check out he's stories, as hes a awesome author as well :) 
Till next time guys,
Donna xxx