Hi guys, I'm so sorry I've completely abandoned my blog for a few months :( 
I've been really stressed and kinda just disappeared into my lil shell and dealt with on my own. I completely forgot I had a blog here to let of steam and throw my worries out there. 
I was also trying to finish a painting and then all the christmas stress lol.
 Let me just feel you in a lil bit on my stresses that I had. 

The head teacher at work is leaving and a new one is due to start. We were told we wasn't doing our jobs properly and that our contracts will end in the new year. It was kinda put in my mind that my job was at risk, so I  was very stressed as I've been there for 11 years. I was getting really stressed about it mainly because of my anxiety.  I just kept thinking how could I manage to find another job! This problem hasn't gone, I've not heard anything else good or bad about it, I'm just left in limbo until I go back, but I'm not really stressing about it now. Mainly because I'm not sure if I want to have my contract renewed!!! because.............
1.) I love my nieces and everything but since they started at the school I've probably had more stress then ever at work! 
2.)The gossiping has doubled in this last year and its getting seriously annoying now, I can't even get in the door without being questioned about family members or those loosey related to me!
3.) If I'm not pushed would I ever actually leave? this job was only meant to have been a "stay until something better comes along" job!
4.) If I didn't get a new contract, it could force me to actually take the step to work full time as a artist! Which as you know is the dream.
I'm a big believer in "everything happens for a reason"  so I know whatever happens it's for the best and was meant to happen! Don't get me wrong I will be gutted for a while if it does happen and I might panic and freak out for a while, but I know in the long run I'll be fine :)
    Anyway enough about work, we also had some new neighbours move in next door. About 5 young people all about 18 upwards, through nacro, and to say they have annoyed me would be a under statement LOL.  They have had so many parties and so much loud music! It's like they can sense when I'm off upstairs to paint because as soon as I set foot on the stairs, the music starts and I know I sound like a old lady right now but all you can hear is their music. I'm not just talking thump thump thump of the bass, I'm talking actual lyrics word perfect, mum has even been able to text the girl next door and tell her what song they are playing! I now hate Candy by Robbie Williams and chasing the sun by The Wanted because of all the times they play it. So hard to get any painting done when you cant hear your music just theirs :( 
     Moving on to something nicer. I actually won something this year!!! My sister Lee had just got some bad news, that she had to move out of her flat, that she shares with her BF James, by the end of January  So she was feeling down and worried about where she'd live after etc. While I was looking up possible flats for her, I took a break and was just browsing on the daily mail website, when up the side came this competition to meet Gerard Butler. I thought oh Lee loves Gerard Butler, I'll enter that! I forgot all about it and didn't bother telling her as I normally never win anything. When I checked my email on the next monday after, there was a email I thought was junk, was just about to delete it, when I noticed it said Gerard Butler. I couldn't believe it I had won her two tickets to a private screening of his new movie "playing for keeps" that he actually attended!! Cheered her right up! she only had 3 days to try and get the thursday off work and find someone to go with her (coz the BF wouldn't) which she managed, she had to get to London by 6.30pm and only finished work at 5pm but made it! She was so excited, so it was worth it! I think I used all my luck up on her LOL. The pic above is her waiting for him to turn up HAHA. Below is how close she got to him! At one point he looked her straight in the eyes! she was a very excited sister :)
So that's what you missed really oh and christmas! Which was good and very fun :) I shall upload a few pics, like my sis the dress twin etc! 
Hope you all had a great christmas and have a even better new year! I'll write a much better blog next time, looking forward to the new year and what excitement it could bring :) 
Catch you all next time :)