...don't you think
A little too ironic......and, yeah, I really do think..."

    One of my all time favourite songs and one of my favourite singers right there! 
But never before have those lyrics actually meant anything to me.
I was cycling on my way to work, when I thought I haven't wrote a blog in like, 2 months!! 
I was trying to think what was the last thing I wrote about (my mind drifts off like that sometimes, no wonder I don't want to learn to drive lol) and I swear I thought "isn't ironic that now I have things to blog about, I've completely forgot I even have a blog.....yeah, I really do think" lol
It's like I turned 30 and went fuck it I don't need this anymore and it's not true. Truth is I've just been busy enjoying myself and haven't had the time to update it. Making up for lost time has a lot to answer for lol.

So what have I been upto since my last blog? 
    Well I turned 30 and celebrated it, in a nice mature way- dressed up as a teenage ninja mutant turtle,  naturally I was Donatello (See photos for pics). It was 80s themed and as we were tomboys growing up, we loved that show so it was a no brainer. 

    As a birthday present, Lee brought tickets for us to see Les Mis at the theater. I was amazing, everyone was so good and we couldn't decide if the film or stage version was better, we just loved both!  It's still as emotional as the film- even when you know whats going to happen, Lee cried loads, she's such a softie. Defiantly got me abit hooked on shows now. 
    Me and Lee also took our niece Angel out for a day trip. 
When I was asking her where she wanted to go she replied "on the train like you and Lee Lee" As Broxbourne Paradise wildlife park was only 9 minutes away from Harlow, it was perfect. Our other sister Emma dropped lil Angel off to us at the train station at 10.30am and we got her home around 7pm!! It was bloody freezing but we all had a great day. Angel had asked to see dinosaurs so we went on this tiny train to see afew plastic noisy dinosaurs and they made her cry lol. She also was a lil worried about walking past the lion as she thought it wasn't behind glass. She kept pulling me back saying "he wont eat us will he?" She loved the otters though.  We even watched a show in there about animal training, partly to get out of the cold and partly to make the most of our day. 
Angels so funny and makes me want a kid when shes around :) 
I was a little bit freaked out before we went, as I never had that responsibility before and it was a bit of a scary thought - babysitting is so different lol. But the good thing is I was fine as soon as we got on the train :) Angels now decided we need more trips and has to go on the train again lol.
     The following Saturday we went to the opening night show of Carnaby street the musical. We didn't really know what to expect apart from that it was going to have 30 songs from the 60s. 
We started the day doing a monopoly hunt around London (finding and photographing the places on the board) but got distracted by shopping lol well we are girls haha. When we'd finished we had a mad dash to the other side of London. We got to Hackney Empire theater at 7.25, just in time for our 7.30 show. I really loved the whole show, the cast were amazing and it didn't matter that one of the lead actors had to mime because he was ill, it was a funny show filled with great songs that everyone would know. Some of the 60's reference did go over our heads a bit but hey we are children of the 80's :P 
Lee sang along from the first song and by the second half I had gave in to temptation and joined her. The last 10 mins or so is a party, where they do a medley of songs from the show. They invite you all to stand up and sing and dance along with them. We were seated in row B and at first I thought I can't dance while they're looking, but soon enough I was dancing and at one point we even air guitar-ed LOL. I think I may have been enjoying myself a bit to much as one of the actors pointed at me and said "I see ya" lol so embarrassing but cool. We even shared the train home with 3 of the actors (Verity Rushworth, Aaron Sidwell and Tricia Adele-Turner) 
If you can catch it on they're tour, it's deffo worth going, check out the website here If you don't come out smiling, then there's something wrong with you lol.
     I've had two family birthdays to (my niece Ruby and my dads) and afew more cinema trips- I deffo need to get a unlimited card I think now LOL. I also need to get some ID as I went to see evil dead the remake- as me and my sisters are massive horror fans and got asked how old I was!!!! It's an 18 I'm 30!!! As I don't have ID I was lucky she just took my word for it- after a lot of hesitation! 

Anyway that's me all caught up, I promise I won't leave it another two months before I blog again! 
At the moment I doing a countdown as in June I'm taking my biggest step so far. I'm going to Wembley stadium to see my fav band in the whole world...........The Killers!!!! I've not been to a gig since I was 15 and that was to see 5ive! haha and it was one of those, collect the chocolate bar wrappers to go competitions! So long over due but as it holds 90 thousand people, It's a pretty big test to see if I'm over it yet! 

Oh yeah before I go, just one bit of arty news, I've just started selling prints. After my Senna V Hamilton painting drew so much attention! So far I've sold one as a trail run :)

See you next time guys, 
have fun in the sun,
Donna xxxxxxxxx
now playing: If I stray- Frank Turner

So I decided to write a double headed blog tonight.
Just to paint a nice picture for you, I writing this eating a bowl of cereal, dressed as a chav- with hoodie and trackie bottoms, trying to fight off a puppy, who keeps sitting on my head! So If this doesnt make sense then blame Bear lol.

I thought I'd share a progress report with you first :)
As some of you might know I recently had a big challenge to overcome and was wondering if I was on the road to recovery or not.  Well I don't know if I'm recovered just yet but I feel 10 tens better so far. 
I 've found myself talking to people at work that I might have just said Hi to before. Actual long conversations!! Which might sound like nothing to you "normal people" but to me its huge lol. I mainly just feel like I have abit of a spring in step and like I'm finally regaining confidence, that I don't think I've had since before college! I need to test myself by going shopping or a day out in the park (without panicking) but first I'm gonna need some sun, or at least no rain, and to get over this cold!  But hey it's a start, remember baby steps :)

The second part of my blog is entitled "what a cheek!" and well I'm pretty sure you may agree when you've read what happened lol.
It was my nieces 4th birthday. I was a tiny bit apprehensive about going to her party because my bro-in-laws side of the family were actually going to be there. My side of the family haven't spoken to he's sister for almost a year. Not after she tried to get my fired from work!!! Long story short, he son started in the school i work at and has allergies, i mentioned to my sister that he hadn't eaten hes lunch and that the sis was told she had to be there, to see what he was eating. Her dad over heard, moaned at her and she marched into the school, accusing me of gossiping about her and her son! this was from the women who a week earlier had spoke to the head teacher like we were family, saying how nice it will be having someone to look out for him!  Anyway there was a few other problems and June last year, it erupted in a war of the families at a party! She avoided just about any party from then on! lol. Suited us :P
Fast forward to April 25th 2012 and here we are at Angels party, being warned by my bro-in-law to behave!  Us Quick's were nice and polite and spoke when she spoke etc. Angel opened  all her presents, had loads of fun and said can we do the cake now please. Now I made her a birthday cake, Disney Tangled themed. The sis then says "can I take a picture of your cake coz my lily would love that".  She then showed me a photo of a cake she had a friend make, for her other daughters party, telling me how much it was and how ugly it was, how inedible and how I could make a fortune out of mine. I just nodded and said thanks. I then overheard her saying to my bro-in-law "do you think you could do something like that for me?" he replied " I could try" by that time they were literally standing next to me and she whispered "oh you could just ask her for me" i almost feel off my chair in disbelief!!! you try to get me the sack, ignore me for a year and want a bloody favor. Do I look like a doormat!!! What would you guys do?? my bro-in-law reckons if she pays me I SHOULD do it, but out of principle i couldn't! Just think what I could slip in the cake lol!!! I'd make the news :P

On the plus side I've finally got loads of yummy fruit and veggies growing in my mini greenhouse, but more on that another day ;)Oh and before I go the lovey tucker on twitter (great blogger and short story writer)  interviewed me for hes blog, i was honored to be ask  and follow him on twitter  @icetuckerV2 
For now I'm signing off.
Bye from a chavy Donna xxx

Below is the cake and the birthday girl Angel.