Its been awhile since my last blog, but I was kinda busy and forgot LOL.
Sorry :P

This blog is about birthdays, half term, new starts and slip ups. so a mixed bag today :P So i'll take you through my week and a bit!It's finally half term but as the title shows it's been far from relaxing! Since my last blog there's been three birthdays. My future bro-in-laws (4th of June) my sisters (6th of June) and my baby aka my art website (22nd of May)  
I'm so pleased my website is a year old now. I've had over 8000 views and two commissions! I don't think that's too bad for an unknown shy little artist, who hasn't been in any galleries :) Continuing with my positive thinking, I'm hoping to AT LEAST  double that by this time next year :P I did decide to paint my studio as a present to myself and my website lol.
For the other two birthdays I made two more cakes. Thought I'd try out something different, so I made a cake sculpted in the shape of a car, based on a lotus, with the Stig. That was for the bro-in-law's 26th and a handbag shaped cake for my sisters 25th :)  I was in a bit of a panic as I ordered the fondant icing online, luckily they made it on time!
After four busy nights smelling off icing and cake I had to squeeze in abit of shopping too. On the way home from one trip, I did manage to trip up my own foot :P Thankfully there was no-one apart from my mum to see me do it and I did stay on my feet!
It was worth all the hassle when the shopping and cakes were done!
Shopping once again was good for me, no panicking, no anxiety, so I'm pleased with that! 
Scott's party was first, on Monday. He's family of course was there, which was the downside but after they left it was ok. He's dad and new girlfriend again spent most of the evening groping each other in the kitchen! But the plus side was we could shut the door and the only children there was my nieces and little Link! Scott liked hes cake and it was mostly fun.
Tuesday we had the middle two girls, Rosie and Angel, while Emma and Scott went out. We were meant to have had Ruby too but she was naughty lol. We had a fun day in the park in the rain, me being a slide monster, chasing them around! then we continued the fun at home, when I scared Angel so much she said and I quote "I need a poo" lol at least she was still laughing :P All i was doing was jumping up at our door, which is like a saloon door. They were one side,, I was the other and I was just pretending to be our dog scaring them LOL!
That left me just that night to make Emma's birthday cake,  thankfully i did it haha.
Wednesday came and my sister had been told she would be babysitting Scott's soon to step bros and sisters! 3 lil brats. They were at hers from 10am til 9pm!!!!!!!!!!! wow what a present. They eat all the party food, walked around like they owned the place and just generally were annoying! the girl hurt my sisters dog, bossed the girls around and got Isabelle out of her walker and passed her to ruby, whose too little to hold her properally. The youngest boy kept trying to hurt izzy and link, hogged the just dance game, jumped in most of my photos and stole MY camera of the girls to take photos! out of 197 photos there's now only about 40 that remain lol. the biggest was ok just bossy. All in all they pissed us all off and Emma has said never again. Who can blame her :( Scott's sister (the one I dont like) was there with her husband and kids too, so i was having the best time ever! all in all there was about 20 people spread between one living front and the kitchen! I stood kinda half way playing with Rosie but I could feel myself getting into a bit  of a panic.  So I went up-to the toilet just to escape for a few minutes and tried to get a grip. When I came down I saw my mum standing there asking if I was ok and I just started crying. I HATE crying :( really really hate it! I just felt so stupid that it was effecting me and so annoyed that I had came so far this year! It felt like a step back and I'm sat here on thursay, still annoyed about it. I know I'm going to have little set backs but it's actually annoying me much more then it ever did before. Must be a sign that I am determined to get over this now. Just wish my body would catch up with that wanting.  The only good thing to come from it was my little sister told be she was sorry for not getting it before! As now shes been struggling with the same problem for a few weeks.  I just said now you know why it hurt so much for you to tell me just get over it! Not that I wish feeling like that on anyone, but you do need to feel like it to understand! We escaped for 10 minutes to Tesco with angel :) I know its strange to go to the shop to escape if your names Donna haha :P  When we returned the other sister had finally left and me and Lee jumped on the just dance and had a laugh LOL.
So for the rest of this week, I'm planning on relaxing, well after I've brought a new canvas, gave the studio a second coat and moved all the furniture back in there. Then it'll probably be back to work time :( wow where did my week go! 
What have you guys been upto? Did you have a street party for the jubilee? I watched the concert but my street don't really do the neighborly friendly thing LOL.
Fill me in with your news!
Anyway, reading this back, I dont think its my best blog ever, it's a bit jumpy and disjointed, but hey that sentence pretty much sums up my week and feelings haha!
So I'll leave you now, hoping you've had a much more chilled, fun, long bank holiday and hope you share your new with me :) I'm off to watch hostel haha!
night guys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

5 things I'm loving this week
1. Scaring small children- lol ive been the evil auntie this week and it felt good :P
2. Being British- with the Queens jubilee and all the celebrations, I feel very proud of our country- bring on the Olympics!
3. Half term- after the school jubilee lunch and school fete on the Friday, its a much need break!
4. Having a change- Just getting rid of the pink in the studio makes all the difference!
5. Trying some thing new- my two cakes :)
scotts stig cake :)
emmas handbag cake :)
5 things I'm hating this week
1. Brats- I can put up with the girls playing up but not kids who arent even related!
2. Set backs- They suck and make you feel like shit lol.
3. Half term weather- you get lovely hot sunshine while working and as soon as theres a break it rains! Whats that all about!
4. Beiber haircuts- my hair needs cutting and thats how im walking around lol.
5. Oliver twist- D'banj- so annoying but i know it'll be stuck in my head all summer
like the photo just not my beiber hair :P
So I decided to write a double headed blog tonight.
Just to paint a nice picture for you, I writing this eating a bowl of cereal, dressed as a chav- with hoodie and trackie bottoms, trying to fight off a puppy, who keeps sitting on my head! So If this doesnt make sense then blame Bear lol.

I thought I'd share a progress report with you first :)
As some of you might know I recently had a big challenge to overcome and was wondering if I was on the road to recovery or not.  Well I don't know if I'm recovered just yet but I feel 10 tens better so far. 
I 've found myself talking to people at work that I might have just said Hi to before. Actual long conversations!! Which might sound like nothing to you "normal people" but to me its huge lol. I mainly just feel like I have abit of a spring in step and like I'm finally regaining confidence, that I don't think I've had since before college! I need to test myself by going shopping or a day out in the park (without panicking) but first I'm gonna need some sun, or at least no rain, and to get over this cold!  But hey it's a start, remember baby steps :)

The second part of my blog is entitled "what a cheek!" and well I'm pretty sure you may agree when you've read what happened lol.
It was my nieces 4th birthday. I was a tiny bit apprehensive about going to her party because my bro-in-laws side of the family were actually going to be there. My side of the family haven't spoken to he's sister for almost a year. Not after she tried to get my fired from work!!! Long story short, he son started in the school i work at and has allergies, i mentioned to my sister that he hadn't eaten hes lunch and that the sis was told she had to be there, to see what he was eating. Her dad over heard, moaned at her and she marched into the school, accusing me of gossiping about her and her son! this was from the women who a week earlier had spoke to the head teacher like we were family, saying how nice it will be having someone to look out for him!  Anyway there was a few other problems and June last year, it erupted in a war of the families at a party! She avoided just about any party from then on! lol. Suited us :P
Fast forward to April 25th 2012 and here we are at Angels party, being warned by my bro-in-law to behave!  Us Quick's were nice and polite and spoke when she spoke etc. Angel opened  all her presents, had loads of fun and said can we do the cake now please. Now I made her a birthday cake, Disney Tangled themed. The sis then says "can I take a picture of your cake coz my lily would love that".  She then showed me a photo of a cake she had a friend make, for her other daughters party, telling me how much it was and how ugly it was, how inedible and how I could make a fortune out of mine. I just nodded and said thanks. I then overheard her saying to my bro-in-law "do you think you could do something like that for me?" he replied " I could try" by that time they were literally standing next to me and she whispered "oh you could just ask her for me" i almost feel off my chair in disbelief!!! you try to get me the sack, ignore me for a year and want a bloody favor. Do I look like a doormat!!! What would you guys do?? my bro-in-law reckons if she pays me I SHOULD do it, but out of principle i couldn't! Just think what I could slip in the cake lol!!! I'd make the news :P

On the plus side I've finally got loads of yummy fruit and veggies growing in my mini greenhouse, but more on that another day ;)Oh and before I go the lovey tucker on twitter (great blogger and short story writer)  interviewed me for hes blog, i was honored to be ask  and follow him on twitter  @icetuckerV2 
For now I'm signing off.
Bye from a chavy Donna xxx

Below is the cake and the birthday girl Angel.