So that was easter 2012, over already.
Im not religious in the slightest, not even a tinie tiny bit, i was even banned from RE lessons at school lol. but I wont start offending people with my views lol
To me easter is just a great excuse to spend some quality time with my family. What does it mean to you? 
We started sunday with a nice little easter egg hunt. My little easter bunny nieces were split into 4 teams with an adult each, charged with finding mini eggs in there special colours or eggs with there names on the boxes! I was paired with my middle niece Rosie and we were hunting green eggs. After about half an hour of searching bedrooms and the living room it was all over, chocolate was added to the cupboard for "when they've been good enough" and it was onto our party. Yeah we had a party for easter lol thats just what we do :P any reason is a good reason.
Party food was demolished and i was force fed spoonfuls of onions by my Angel, just so she could say "they were strong we need some of your fizzy drink" lol and it was onto the Wii. Major dance off hits the Quick/Boorman family when Just dance is around! we all have to get up and do a little dance. "this is Halloween" and "something stupid" must have been played a thousand times but it was all good fun. Well it's always good fun til somebody gets hurt and that somebody was me today. Laughing and joking with my sis and bro-in-law when we were leaving, mum decides to do a wierd dance thing and smacks my right in the face lol. My big bunny front teeth sliced my bottom lip. Mum was wiping away tears.............of laughter, my sister and bro-in-law were doubled over in pain from laughing so hard  and I was just thinking "Oh no I've just got rid of one big lump on my face I dont want another one" after a quick check if I was bleeding I was soon back laughing with them about what a bully my mum is lol.
Quick family.......we're so rock n roll. Cant leave a party without a fight lol.
If the weather stays dry tomorrow we are out to the town fair for Bank holiday monday. 
Wonder who will be injured then haha :P
5 things I'm loving this week
1. The Voice- love it! plus Danny is so hot! I'm a fan of the script but never knew he was quite so good looking lol
2. Chocolate- well its easter a girl needs her chocolate!
3. The big bang theory- Sheldon dressed as a french maid- need I say more Laugh out Loud funny! episode 21 "The Hawking Excitation"
4. Little Isabelle dressed as an easter bunny - so cute!
5. Fun- We are young- First heard it on Glee and loved it, Heard this original version and was hooked! it been in my head for days!
5 things Im hating this week
1. Lumpy faces!- nothing attractive about having a big lump!
2. Annoying adverts- that one with the child asking what's that? what's that- highly irrating!  
3. Waiting another week for F1- I wish it was today!
4. Wrong parcels- i ordered the disordelies but recieved Dennis de bengal lol some German DVD
5. Nikki Minaji- starships! Very annoying song yet i still found myself singing along at the easel yesturday!