This is a special little blog post tonight. 
I always tend to focus on the negative so I thought I'd take this opportunity to focus on what matters to me! So this blog is my way of saying thanks!

As you guys know I have an ongoing problem, that I struggle with. One that I never opened up and shared with anyone. I didn't want to admit to myself that I had a problem, let alone anyone else! I thought people would just think I was an idiot. 
Mum said she always knew something was wrong, she's great at reading the signs on a bad day and knowing when I've had enough. She's been a great support. Patient through all the tears and sick. She's run to the shop to buy emergency Imodium just to get me to leave the house. She even turned me puking on some guys car into a joke (the bloke was sitting in it btw) lol. She's my rock and my best friend. I'd be lost with out her  :)
My other family support is my sister Emma (mother of my gorgeous nieces) Now this support shocked me because we didnt always get along. It took years and took me dropping my grudge, but we're finally close :) 
Emma's been great, she's like mum saying "come on nothings gonna happen to you, they'd have to get through us first" There the kind of support that don't let you take the easy way out and wont leave me behind. Even through Im forever keeping them waiting when we're off out. More then that Emma tells me "It's nice to have you actually out with us for once" Which is always nice to hear. They're both proud of what I call "stupid achievements" like mangering to go to shopping and that means alot. They both mean the world to me, not that I tell them enough. Until now ::P
I'd love to tell you all my family are this supportive but I'd be lying. I'd say the rest don't see this as a problem. They see me as a drama queen, who needs to grow up and get over it. Easier said then done right!? At least that's what I feel like they're thinking. They don't realise quite how hard I find normal every day things that they find so easy! If I don't want to go to places, I'm just being lazy or boring. It hurts that they don't get it, get me, but I'll live and focus on the ones that do!
Which brings me onto my final thank you.
My twitter family. When I first joined twitter I never really tweeted anyone and think I just joined to see what all the fuss was about. I certainly didn't expect to be opening up to a bunch of strangers or even writing this blog! I thought you'd all laugh at me and think what a freak *presses the unfollow button* 
A certain Miss C inspired the blog writing, so you can blame her for all my rambling lol. Now I get why she loves it so much and how it can actually help you. So thanks hun :) 
The support you guys have shown me, with tweets and messages about this blog, has been overwhelming. Your support mixed with my family, is really helping me push myself. It's funny because one of my biggest fears is essentially what I'm doing here! Talking to a group of strangers! Some have you have even shared your problems with me and it means alot that you'd confined in me too.
Last year a group of the F1LunchClub followers wanted to meet up at silverstone. I lied when I said I couldnt go because I was working. It was my anixety and the whole group thing that stopped me, but who knows maybe in a year or two that might be a reality. Or even better the opening of my own exhibition, in some swanky galley. I'd love that! :)

Anyway I've rambled enough, I just wanted to let you all know that I very much apperiate all the back up I get :) 
Love a very grateful Donna xxxxxxxxx 
5 things I'm loving this week
1. Small achievements- I went shopping brought loads for myself, but for the first time in ages I felt normal and didnt panic- thanks mummy!
2. Fruit + Veg- my produce are growing so big now :)
3. Pet harmony- The space monster ( the cat) looks like shes finally backing down and getting used to bear! (the dog)
4. A hint of summer- today (tuesday) saw a nice sunny DRY day lol
5. Here's to us- by Halestorm- I first heard it on glee and loved that but this version is even better :)
5 things I'm hating this week
1.Still being ill- me, mum, Emma and Isabelle are still bloody ill :(
2. Rain- so over all this rain and still having a hosepipe lol.
3. The thugs that beat up the 94 old lady as she sleep- Its utterly disgusting!
4. How long there is till my holiday- I'm excited now it's all booked and almost paid for! hurry up August!
5. carly rae jepsen- call me maybe- I don't want to like it but its so bloody catchy its annoying now!

not my photo!