Well first week off work and what a week from hell!
I must have been a bitch throughout march to deserve that much pain!
What am I talking about? well as some of you may know I suffer with hay fever and that causes me to have ear ache! well i think i might have had an ear infection and that turned into a abscess on my tooth, worst pain in the world!!!!!!!!! 8 days start to finish of nothing but burning red hot pain! I could barely sleep which just made the pain worse. My face swelled up so much I looked like I was smuggling a hamster in on check or trying to look like half of David Coultard! I felt so sorry for myself that I hit the internet hard, thank god for Facebook and twitter. I chatted and played game after game of FB anything to take my mind off constant pain.
I thought about blogging then but my post would have just been " Fucking stupid bollocking pain, I want to rip this pissing tooth right out of my ugly arse face! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" LOL  and that would have ruined my positive thinking lol. When my little sister Lee came to visit she took one look at me and said "hahahaha you look like  quagmire from Family guy! say giggity-giggity" thats sisterly concern for you! lol
When I finally got sleep and I think I made up for it big time, I woke up at 2.30 pm lol think I needed that.
Oh I did manage to get round to doing my planting through, I'm growing some fruit and veg :) but i sowed my seeds wearing a hat, hoodie and scarf to keep the cold wind away from my tooth :P so at least I have some fresh produce to look forward too :)
Anyway I wasted one week and I'm not gonna do that for my second :) so its a week of fun and painting, i hope!
Thanks to everyone who kept me entertained for my week of pain, you really saved me from doing damage lol! 
Until next time bye
from a pain free Donna xxxx