My lovely Twitter buddy and fellow blogger, Jamie Tucker Dougan, does alot of blog challenges and has tagged me in he's most recent one. So I thought why not share it with you guys.

This challenge was to think of your 5 favourite driving songs!

Now although I don't drive, never even had so much as a lesson, I have literally just got home from holiday. A lovely week here in the beautiful UK lol. As it was a two hour drive I did make a special driving CD. Filled with songs that had to suit mum, dad, my sister, as well as songs I loved. So this challenge came at the right time!
I've chose my 5 from songs that were actually on my cd lol.

1. Meatloaf~ Bat outta hell
Every drive needs a family sing along song! 
What better then Meatloaf, you can't not sing along to bat out of hell, it's THE driving song of all time! 

2. The Killers  ~ Mr brightside 
Well come on what did you expect, this is me lol.
Can't say the parents enjoyed this as much as me and Lee did. I have heard dad utter the words "What is this shit?" while I was painting to this song, but hey I love it. It's one of those songs that you recognize from the first bar and instantly puts me in a good mood and gets me dancing around. What's better then that?

3. Queen ~ Bohemian Rhapsody
I stole Tuckers song here but we were about 30 mins away from yarmouth and this came on and we had a so much fun!! we sang along and had a fab head bang to the instrumental bit LOL. That's how the Quick's roll haha.
Although we don't really need to be driving to join in, we pretty much do it where ever we hear it :P 

4. Nena ~ 99 red balloons 
This might seem like a strange pick. But I love this song! How can this song not make you smile? 
I wasn't 100% sure what the official video was, so instead heres scrubs lol If its good enough to be JD's happy song, then its good enough for me :P That may even be how I dance to it lol 

5. Black eyed peas ~ Pump it.
So lastly I struggled to think of which one it should be. We had 5 cd's worth of songs to remember so I really had to rack my brains here (this was meant to have a easier way of doing the challenge lol) 
This song had every one dancing and singing along, well apart from dad, but he was driving and wouldn't even sing a word of Queen lol.  
So what did you think of my top 5? How about you comment with yours below?

Have a look at the lovely Tuckers blog post here  
And while your at it why not check out he's stories, as hes a awesome author as well :) 
Till next time guys,
Donna xxx

I've started to feel my blogs have become a bit moany and all "poor me my life sucks" so to lighten the mood, I thought it would be fun to get you guys involved! 
Thanks to tucker for inspiring me wit this blog. 
I'm a huge music fan and music inspires or helps me through alot of stuff. So I thought what better way to get to know all you blog readers then through something I love. It's kinda a music quiz/interview.  I'm gonna ask myself some questions (involving music) and answer them, then you guys can do the same :)
Ok so here goes:
1. Which song would you say best describes you?
Deffo got to be I'm just a girl by No doubt. These lyrics "the moment that I step outside, so many reasons for me to run and hide, I can't do those little things I hold so dear, cause its all those little things that I fear" pretty much sum me up, don't you agree? well the whole song really.  plus I love that song :)
2: What song would you say is your life story?
As you know I'm just a touch pessimistic so I've always said Travis- Why does it always rain on me? is my life put to music! I'm pretty sure I lied when I was 17 too Lol
3: Which song changed your life in anyway?
I know you might think I haven't had a song that has changed my life, no song has meant quite that much to me, but it could be a song that has just flicked a switched in your mind and changed even a tiny thing. 
My song is This grudge by Alanis Morrissette from the so called chaos album. I was a huge Alanis fan and around the time this song came out, we were having trouble with my sister Emma and I was finding it to forgive and forget. I didnt want to let her in incase I got hurt all over again but I heard these lyrics "but who's it hurting now? who's the that's stuck? who's it torturing now?"  and I thought your right, I'm the one suffering by not letting go! I'm pleased to say it worked we're now super close and I have my sister back! Thank you Alanis!! see life changing song :P
4. What song never fails to cheer you up?
Mines Tenacious D- Tribute. If you haven;t heard this song, its Jack black and it's funny. This song always makes me think of my other sister Lee, we both have the same silly humour and are quite hyper when we're together and this is one of our fav silly songs :)
5: Which cheesy/embarrassing song can you not help but love?
For me its deffo Love shack by the B52s LOL so cheesy, so strange but I can't help but sing along. I'm not ashamed to say that, while painting, when they sing "bang bang bang on the door baby, knock a little louder sugar etc" I do mime knocking on a door :P
6. What song makes you cry?
Nickleback- Lullaby. I don't know what it is about the song but it gets me every time. The first time I heard it I was really down and getting over the death of my uncle and everything felt like it was piling up. I remember hearing it and tears were just running down my cheeks, all I could think was I wish I had someone to sing those words to me, someone who just wanted to try and take the hurt away. It still makes me cry!
7. What lyric pulls you through a rough patch?
For me its "I never really gave up on, breaking out of this two-star town, I got the green light, I got a little fight, I'm gonna turn this thing around" it's from The Killers- read my mind. Whenever I feel like giving up on my dreams this just pops into my head and I think I have got a little fight, keep going Donna lol.
8. What song do you find yourself having a little sing-a-long and boogie too?
I know I always say I'm a rock chick and I really am a massive rock fan but my song is Kesha- we are who we are! I also sing along and dance to it. While its playing and i'm alone I have a little dance while making a drink or walking upstairs etc lol.
9. Have you ever sang a song on stage? if not whats your karaoke song?
I don't do karaoke, I wouldn't inflict this voice on anyone, my singing's saved for when im locked in the studio with my easel but I did once perform Who do you think you are by the spice girls, well I say performed- we mimed! It was the last year of school and me and 4 friends dressed  up as different members of the spice girls and performed the routine in a friends living room for her family :P I was posh spice purely because I had the bob haircut and a top and shirt quite like her lol 
10. Finally what song would you dedicate to me?
Might sound abit vain (and i'm not) but it's really just an excuse to dedicate a song to you guys. My song for you all is Kelly Clarkson- My life would suck without you. A little bit cheesy to say I know :P The title speaks for itself really but you guys really help me through so much, you give me advice, you pick me up when my spirits are low and more importantly make me laugh :) so cheers guys :)

Now I've done mine, I'd love it if you could comment with your answers :) thats where the getting to know you bit comes into it :P  don't worry you don't have to have an anwser for every question or make it as long as this. Just as long as you share with me I don't mind LOL :)
If you all liked this and enough people respond, maybe we could do more or similar?
I'll leave you to think with some music enjoy!
Till next time bye 
Donna  xxxxxx
read tuckers blog here The guy that inspired this blog
As it's my birthday month, I thought February would be the perfect time to launch my blog site. I decided to keep my art website and my blog separate. So this is the new home for my blog. Hope you like it! I'm planning on keeping it more updated then I did before LOL. 
Well this week's been horrible! I started off at the weekend wishing for snow, hoping that I'd have a snow day from work. Only for it to fall on Saturday and me be back at work on Monday :(  So I 've spent the week half cycling and half walking  all the way across town to work! it's fair to say I've not been best impressed . With more snow and cold weather forecast I'm glad it 's nearly half- term woohoo! 
Monday when the snow was still thick I was 10 minutes late to work. Which was annoying enough til I came face to face with 2 girls! Two little brats (about 11) saw me on the way home,walking my bike
across a field, looked me up and down and said this "Who would ride a bike in the snow?" that would have been fine except they followed it up with "Stupid little girl" my blood boiled!!! Little girl??!! I'm almost 29 for fucks sake, I'm old enough to be there mother!!! I think my hat almost blew off with rage but I resisted the urge to throw a snowball in there faces!
I was so annoyed and cold that half-way home was was just thinking of dumping my bike somewhere and getting a cab! but then light a little burst of sunshine Brandon Flowers starting singing in my ear "When I offer you survival, you say it's hard enough to live....It's not so bad, it's not so bad" and I thought hey he's right, dig deep and carry on! I finally got home cold and feet soaking and mum had made me a nice hot toastie lol so all was right with the world!
By Thursday I had, had more then enough of the snow and being cold but my Mp3 just made me more miserable. Why is it then when your feeling down your mp3 can't just pick you up with a nice uplifting song? What song did my mp3 choose for me? well my legs were so achy from 4 days of sliding and tensing up and it throws up these lyrics "Twenty years it's breaking you down, now that you understand there's no one around. Take a breathe, just take a seat, you're falling apart and tearing at the seams. Heaven forbid you end up alone and don't know why" If that doesn't just kick you when you're down I don't know what does!! Yes it's more then likely I am going to end up a lonely cat women but do I need my mp3 to rub it in!!!!! 
So it's nearly Friday and my week from hell is almost over, I can just chill and relax and spend the week painting. I've brought my first new item for my studio, a stereo, so hopefully it'll help me get this painting done! I do have to brave the cold for at least one day to get my little niece afew birthday presents. I'm shocked she's gonna be 6 already, where does the time fly! Toys R us here I come. I'm such a big kid :P
With that I will sign off now and catch ya next week.
Take care guys
love Donna xxxxxx
P.s the songs I talked about are the Killers- Bling (confessions of a king)
and The Fray - Heaven forbid.

Things I'm hating this week 
1. Cycling on this snow and ice.
2. My 25min journey to work taking 40-60 mins.
3. The fact the council has waited til Wednesday to  start putting so grit on the paths too.
4. Slipping and sliding everywhere.
5. That new annoying twilight song by Cover drive- its on everywhere!
Things I'm loving this week
1. Hot chocolate- warming me up with its yummyness
2. New girl.- I'm just a little bit obsessed with it and there's just afew similarity's between me and jess.- personalities wise.
3. My demon snowman.
4 .The fact my lovely sis has told me shes brought me birthday presents :)
5. The new Jason Marz song- wont give       up. Quirky but beautiful.
Me and my Demon snowman :)