Hi everyone! sorry I've been neglecting my blog again but I half decided to take a break and was half busy.
So since my last moany blog what have I been upto? 
Well I'm almost at the end of my 6 weeks break from work. Gotta love long school holidays :P  In this time I've been on holiday and been inspired and distracted by the Olympics. 
The first two weeks before my holiday was spent shopping, painting and Olympic watching of course.  
Wasn't the the Olympics amazing! Right from the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony I was hooked! Not surprising as I'm a massive sports fan! What did surprise me was how emotion I got throughout the whole thing, everyone from Mo and Jess winning gold to the disappointment of those going home empty handed . Alot of those rowers had me in tears, Kath grainger finally achieving her dreams left sobbing lol. I was also inspired to get my act together to go for it and follow my dreams. The whole Olympics left me feeling proud and sent me off on holiday feeling good. 
For my holiday I only went to Felixstowe with the family but it was break I really needed. We choose the right week for it, the weather was perfect!!!! So hot I actually got sunburnt LOL. My legs should be in amazing shape as we walked everywhere. From one side of the of Felixstowe to the other and back in 5 hours haha. All of our right shoulders got sunburnt, we were thinking its ok on the way back it'll caught the other side, noooooo of course it didnt! So red right shoulders all round for us Quicks  We had alot of laughs and fun. Me and my sister Lee are non swimmers but actually braved the sea for a little dip then had to brave a shower together as we were covered in sand lol. Strange experience that was let me tell you :P I felt so much more like I could be myself in Felixstowe, maybe it was because no-one knew me but all the fears went away! So much so I wore a bikini for the first time in 29 years on the beach!!!!! next to my sister in her bikini, any of you that have seen her will know what I mean there LOL.  
After such a fun break we returned to find out our cat had been WAY over fed and had been given dinner 3 times in one day! Someone had been in my mums bedroom and moved things around. My other sister Emma even had to clean up our living room as she said there was crisps and crumbs all over the floor! We certainly didn't leave it like that. All this is from leaving a family member to pop in and fed the kitty!
Anyway enough of me going on, sorry if this blogs abit disjointed, i think it might be the worst i've written but I got distracted by the paralympics opening ceremony lol
Hope you guys are all good, I'm just gonna upload some pics then I'm off to start the second part of my blog that will need your feed back :P hehe
bye guys catch you soon with a better blog :P
Take care Donna xx