So moany



Well what a bloody week! 
Ive been so stressed this week! Mainly over nothing but everything's piled up kinda like a big snowball effect. Each thing feeling more and more annoying then the last!
I kinda feel like nothings happened but at the same time I feel like I cant take much more. Just down and moody, cant sleep and when I do sleep Ive dreamt of being mugged and burgled! whats that all about!!!???!
Now it looks like my bad mood spread to Silverstone! Thank fuck its the weekend!
Anyway I wont go into details of whats happened coz as I said theres nothing really thats happened much, just a mood I cant shake! 
Anyways onwards and upwards Ive decided to try and cheer myself up with a side project lol! Its called "find a smile in everything" I'm planning on taking photos of anything that makes me smile or has a smile on it, below is my first two photo lol you can see the other here 
So thats it for now, because I'm watching F1 qualifying and have painting to do, but just wanted to check in LOL.
Until next time, take care guys and fill me in with your week, has it been good/bad? I wanna know lol.
BYE Donna xxxxxxxxxxxx
The Hand towel hanging in my bathroom! lol
My very lovely twitter buddy @motorsportpete (a Hamilton fan) has just got a new lil guinea pig who hes mum has called Alonso. So as a Alonso fan I made him this lol.

5 Things I'm loving this week.

1. Lovely twitter friends- listerning to my nonstop moaning and cheering me up :)
2. F1 weekends- no need to explain lol
3. Having only 2 weeks of work left.
4. Revenge- I'm loving this new show!
5. Linkin Park- Giving up- pretty much my theme tune this week LOL

5 Things I'm hating this week.

1. Dads- mines annoying!
2. Being moody!
3. British weather- Ive been soaked so many times this week!
4. Silverstone disappointing fans- I'm not going but gutted for the 20 thousand turned away!


07/07/2012 7:18am

Thats a Good thing You are doing Donna :), Photographing Anything that Makes You Smile :), Really Nice :)

your photo loving stalker
07/12/2012 7:12am

its okay to have a moany week, so big hugs! and those dreams sound a bit scary I had some fecked up ones lately :/ i'm blaming the weather and lack of energy from myself. *sighs*

I certainly like the ideas of taking photos and have bookmarked the webpage to keep track of what makes you smile. (if I didn't what sort of a stalker would I be haha)

*Just keep thinking, summer is ALMOST here.

James B
07/14/2012 4:46am

We all have moany and down weeks, me more than most as you well know. And sometimes it can be over nothing but it just seems like an endless amount of sht piling up on top of you. It doesn't last forever and at least you did have the F1 to take you away from it for a few hours. Keep calm and carry on. Have a brew its solves everything. I can't help with the Dad issue as i don't know mine. The photo idea sounds brilliant tho :-) x


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