Finally its heating up, the weather that is!
Spring is here, to me it's not here till there's sun shining and I can wear just a t-shirt :)
Right now I'm thinking Bunnies, Daffodils, mountains of chocolate and constant sneezing! 
Yes I'm a summer lover and hate being cold but I suffer with hey fever, which normally gives me bad earache like now :(
But enough doom and gloom, its hot the suns saying hi and I have two weeks off work in afew days wooooooohooooo. The next F1 race would be the only thing that could make it better. As I cycle to work I'm finally getting through all my nice new clothes I got for my birthday. My sisters doing a Easter egg hunt for my nieces so there's a perfect excuse to wear my lovely new dress. I hate wearing loads and loads of layers so I couldn't be more happier :)
In my two week Easter break I'm planning on lots of painting..............outdoors, days out with the nieces..........outdoors and maybe a bit of shopping...........outdoors lol do you see a pattern forming here? :P After being couped up in a school kitchen I think I'm gonna take any chance I have to enjoy the sun! Also I have some nice fruit and veggies to plant, so perfect reason. You what it piss down for two whole weeks no no don't start going all negative Donna, think positive remember? new more happier, positive you, ring any bells? oh ok :) lol 
So how are you guys? I'm good, it was my dads birthday last saturday, so we had a small party for him. He's getting old now lol 64! not long til he retires....well he hopes he retires, its not gonna happen just yet! 
We had a lovely day playing games in the garden with the nieces. They found 4 chopsticks and decided we should all be Harry Potter (yes I have very Geeky nieces lol) I had to pretend to be a whole host of different animals, I was a Donkey giving rides, a frog hoping around, a dragon chasing them and strangley a smurf? no that stumped me lol
We rounded off the day with afew games of Limbo and the girls recreating one of my sisters and mine old photos.  There will be a few photos from the day under my photo tab, including a photo of angel that i want to paint.
Anyways I shall go now while this blog is surprisingly happy for me! i've shocked myself haha.
Catch ya all laters.
Donna xx
P.s heres the photos of my nieces and the photo they recreated :)
5 Things I'm loving this week
1, Alonso winning the Malaysian Gp- Who expected that! wish I'd put a bet on.
2. The sun shinning- feeling hot hot hot :)
3. Digging out my summer clothes- Goodbye hoddies!
4. Easter- chocolate- need  I saw more.
5. Jason Mraz- I'm yours- fits perfectly with this weather, aww.
5 Things I'm hating this week
1. Heyfever- put on make up, cycle to work- oh look mascaras down my cheek- great!
2. Bratty children- why did I choose to work in a school.
3. Earache keeping me awake- hate it! lol
4. Waiting 3 weeks for the next F1 race- I want it now!
5. Belibers taking over twitter- I dont want a countdown to hes new song!


03/28/2012 3:04pm

5 Things I'm Loving This Week...

1. The sunny weather
2. Looking forward to a full weekend off
3. Completing my Sport Relief Mile
4. Raising £150+ for Sport Relief
5. Rangers beating Celtic

5 Things I'm Hating This Week...

1. The excuse of a shift scheduling department at work
2. The lack of ownership of that problem by my so called Ops Manager
3. The twat that hit my car at the Sport Relief event and pissed off with half the number plate they broke thinking I'd not notice
4. Mobile phone network issues thanks to solar storms on the sun... and it's only going to get worse apparently
5. Shifts clashing with the F1 season and he fact the bulk of the races are on Sky

03/29/2012 7:35am

Thanks for doing your top 5 Tucker :) much appreciated!
Well done on your sport relief mile :) i could cycle that but not run it lol
Cant believe someone hit your car!! what a idiot!
There where im lucky I don't work weekends lol but eel your pain on the fact that I don't have sky :(


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